Market Analysis of Apple Iphone

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  • Published : December 28, 2008
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Market Analysis of Apple iPhone

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Executive summary

The purpose of report is to analysis market strategy and competitive analysis of Apple iPhone by using frameworks from Jobber (2004).Need to find conclusion with suggestive recommendation. To Analyse market strategy of Apple iPhone few structures has been used. These structures justify company diversification and market development using Ansoff matrix. Product differentiation has been discussed in terms of Porter generic model. In later stage customer segmentation has been discussed with respect to behavioural, psychographic and profile aspects of customer. After this an analysis has been done for competitive environment against Apple iPhone wrt Nokia / RIM in conjunction with perceptual map (frame work) evaluates competitors in terms of market share and product line breadth. Brand positioning shown with the help of 4C’s model (Jobber, 2004). Future strategies are suggested for iPhone with 4P’s model which basically comprise of Price, promotion, product and place. At the end conclusion and recommendation are derived from the analysis done as mentioned above for Apple iPhone. For further information references and appendices has been incorporated.

Table of content

1.0Executive Summary


3.0Marketing Strategy Analysis
3.1Ansoff Matrix
3.2Porter Generic Model

4.0Customer Segmentation
4.1Customer Analysis

5.0Competitive Analysis
5.1Competitor Analysis
5.2Perceptual Mapping

6.0Positioning of Brand
6.14C’s Model

7.0Future Strategy
7.14P’s Model





First thing comes to mind when talk about Smart Phone?

A large-screen, data-centric, handheld device designed to offer complete phone functions whilst simultaneously functioning as a personal digital assistant (PDA) (suggested by Gartner). However it’s a result of technical innovation which can be used as information manager and all in one multimedia device.

Apple in Smart Phone.

Apple was founded on 1 April 1976, after 32 years it has grown from a tiny start-up to a household name and cultural icon. It basically deals in designing and manufacturing consumer electronics and software products. This is the company that gave four of the signature technological innovations of the past 32 years: the Apple II, the Macintosh, the iPod and the iPhone.

3.0Marketing Strategy

3.1 Ansoff Matrix

This section will analyse Apple's strategy behind the launch of iPhone, using Ansoff matrix (Jobber, 2004)


ExistingMarket penetration or expansionProduct development
NewMarket developmentDiversification

Source: Jobber (2004)...
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