Market Analysis Coca-Cola

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  • Published : March 14, 2012
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Marketing Analysis: Coca Cola Company

Executive Summary

This paper presents the market management plan for the Coca Cola Company. In order to develop the marketing plan for the company, organization’s analysis is carried out using different marketing models such as customer analysis, company analysis and competitor analysis. Moreover, the company’s strengths and weaknesses have been found in the industry by comparing it with its competitors in the market. The market segmentation model has been performed to identify the target market, market segmentation and market positioning of the Coca Cola Company. Through using the marketing mix model for the Coca Cola, it is found that the company has been using diversified products and product packaging as means of key success factors. The PEST analysis of the company points out the effects of the external environmental factor as the core of the business operation that largely influences the company’s decision-making process.  

Table of Contents
Executive Summary1
2.Task 18
2.1Key Inputs of Marketing Plan8
2.1.1Marketing Objectives8
2.1.2Marketing Goals8
2.1.3Market Situation9
2.1.4Market Segmentation9
2.1.5Market Targeting11
2.1.6Strengths and Weaknesses12
2.2Holistic Marketing13
2.3Key Areas of Coca Cola Integrated with Holistic Marketing Concept14 2.3.1Internal Marketing14
2.3.2Performance Marketing14
2.3.3Integrated Marketing15
2.3.4Relationship Marketing16
2.4Holistic Marketing and Vision, Mission of Coca-Cola Company17 2.5Analysis of Internal Marketing of Coca-Cola with Competitors18 2.6Steps to Incorporate Holistic Marketing in Coca-Cola19
3.TASK 221
3.1Developing Marketing Strategies21
3.1.1Strengths of Coca Cola Brand21
3.1.2Weaknesses of Coca Cola Brand22
3.1.3Opportunities for Coca Cola Brand24
3.1.4Threats for Coca Cola Brand25
3.2Marketing Strategies Developed for Coca Cola Company26
3.3PEST Analysis26
3.3.1Political Analysis for the Coca Cola Company26
3.3.2Economic Analysis for the Coca Cola Company27
3.3.3Social Analysis for the Coca Cola Company28
3.3.4Technological Analysis of Coca Cola Company29
4.TASK 330
4.1Key Success Factors for Marketing Organization30
4.2Marketing Planning and Operation33
4.3Monitoring and Controlling the Markets Efforts34
4.3.1Sales Analysis34
4.3.2Market Share Analysis35
4.3.3Profitability Analysis35

According to Moutinho and Southern (2010), a marketing management is practical application of marketing techniques and also Wilson and Gilligan (2005), quoted that marketing management process should be taken into account as compound of elements that significantly aim to identify five different steps. Likewise, in a study by Loudon et al (2004), the marketing management process consists of analysing the market opportunities, researching and identifying the target markets, developing marketing strategies, planning marketing principles or marketing tactics, and implementing and controlling the marketing actions. As this paper presents the marketing management process for Coca Cola Company, therefore, the next section of the paper addresses the process of marketing management in the context of Coca Cola Company. Marketing management has been found critical for organizations, as it can bring about numbers of opportunities for the company in future. Considering the importance of the marketing management for the organization, this paper aims to evaluate and analyse the marketing structure and marketing behaviour of the Coca Cola Company using marketing principles. To make the paper comprehensive, different marketing tools have been used such as to present the key inputs of the marketing plan of the company, market segmentation model has been used and to incorporate the holistic marketing concepts, competitor, company and customer analysis...
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