Market Analysis - Australian Clothing Industry

Topics: 2009, Economy of Australia, Brand management Pages: 9 (2069 words) Published: October 30, 2011
Table of Contents
1.0Executive Summary1
3.0Market Background3
3.1Industry Definition3
3.2Consumer Needs and Wants3
3.3Industry History3
4.0Market Statistics4
4.1Market Size4
4.2Market Growth5
4.3Corporate Market Share7
4.4Brand Market Share7
5.0Key Companies8
6.0Environmental Factors9
7.0SWOT Analysis of the Australian Clothing Industry10
8.0Company Information11
8.1Company Name11
8.2Product Description11
8.3Target Market and Market Positioning12
List of References13

1.0Executive Summary

The Australian clothing industry is looking for further export opportunities as a response to increased import competition in Australia, globalisation and technological change. Australian fashion is known internationally for its quality, fresh and innovative designs complimented by strong branding and are often regarded as world market leaders with many well established and known brands. Clothing companies are finding they need to be able to compete not only on designs but on price to compete with overseas competitors. Quality marketing materials and brand development are also proving vital as well as advanced planning, financial resources and time commitment. 2.0Introduction

This report will explore the women’s clothing industry. The author will investigate the size of the industry, market growth and key companies operating within the industry. The author will also briefly examine the environmental influences and undertake a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) Analysis of the industry. This report will also include a brief overview of one particular company who successfully functions within the industry and their marketing mix.

3.0Market Background
3.1Industry Definition
Australian clothing is recognised internationally for its quality, sophistication and innovative designs, complimented by strong branding. (Australian Trade Commission 2009) The women’s clothing industry consists of a variety of clothing products and accessories. Most retailers in this industry sell goods from a shop/s, however may also operate an online store. Retailers also undertake activities such as customer service, product merchandising, advertising, inventory control, and cash handling. (IBISWorld 2009)

3.2Consumer Needs and Wants
The needs and wants of woman’s fashion do vary from each group in the market. The main demand from consumer is value for money. The consumer is looking for quality fabrics, quality craftsmanship at a reasonable price. The price is normally dictated by the fabrics uses, the complexity of make; however it can often be the name of the garments designer that can boost the cost. The need of the lower end product group is easily affordable and accessible clothing; it is very affordable and made in large quantities. It suits the current trends without breaking the consumer’s budget. The mid product group is seen as more exclusive. The consumer within this range is willing to spend more money on what they feel is more quality of garment and material. High end product group are in demand of a product that is often highly fashionable and in limited edition, the cost is high for such a product, it should be of excellent quality, design and the materials used are of the highest quality. (Australian Trade Commission 2009) 3.3Industry History

Australia’s clothing industry is long-standing and of major importance to the Country’s economy. Traditionally the clothing industry has been heavily influenced by the trends of Europe; however the cultures of each country tend to play a large roll in the styles and designs that are produced. The Women’s Liberation movement in the 1950’s allowed for designers to look at their work in a totally different light. It is these major social influences as well as changes in economic climates which have been the driving force behind what consumer’s demand of their clothing....
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