Mark Twain Research Paper

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Mark Twain
Mark Twain was a world renowned novelist and a beloved American Writer. He wrote things about what was happening in the world around him and is also a huge part of American Literature. Although Mark Twain is a famous novelist his home life, background/achievements, and greatest accomplishments are what made him who he is today.

Mark Twain was more than the man we all know. For one thing, he was born as Samuel Langhorn Clemens on November thirtieth eighteen thirty-five and given the nickname “Little Sam.” In addition, his birthplace was “a two-room frame house in Florida…Missouri” (Cox, 7) to a John and Jane Clemens. After reaching the age of eighteen he took on an occupation in Philadelphia. Incidentally, he started working “as a cub and later as a captain for four years” (Lasky, 25) on a ship. In time, he achieved a certificate for being a Mississippi Pilot. When the Civil War broke out, Twain somewhat became a part of it. Likewise, he joined a group of friends, although none having any knowledge about fighting, war, or of the military, to fight “on the Confederate side with a small militia called Marion Rangers” (Lasky, 26). By the way, Twain was twenty-five when he moved back to Hannibal to be a part of the Militia. Mark Twain, even having little achievements, had quite the background.

The root of where all this started wasn’t just at his birth, but also in his home life. Thus, Twain and “his family moved to…Hannibal, Missouri” (Biography of Mark Twain, 1) where he befriended slaves of his dad and uncle. As a result, this had started Twain’s negativity towards slavery when he grew older. Twain loved his family though he wasn’t so fortunate of the mishaps that were to come. For instance, he lost his father when Twain was eleven and his brother, age twenty, was “fatally scalded… [when Twain] found him on a mattress” (Cox, 43) on the Pennsylvania after the steam boat...
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