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Middle School Personal Project

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Middle School Personal Project

Assignment requirements
Students are required to produce a 1,000-1,500 researched (footnotes, bibliography) written project.

The personal project is intended to act as a stepping stone for students who will be faced with the IB DP 4,000 word extended essay in the Sixth Form. The personal project may be completed: • in any one of a student’s academic subjects

• in another subject which a student is not currently studying but may have an interest in • alternatively a personal project may focus on a topic unrelated to academic subjects in the traditional sense – see below Students’ personal projects may not overlap directly with regular assignments in their academic subjects.

A personal project could focus on:
• A family history research project
• A theme from the PSHE programme
• An environmental theme
• A theme related to scientific thought and developments, aesthetics, ethics, culture • A theme related to some aspect of the CAS programme such as community service, leadership, expeditions, team sports Further ideas or suggestions related to some to these themes are included in Appendix One


|4th Form | | |October, after PWE |Students choose subject/topic and supervisor, meet supervisor and obtain agreement to | | |supervise. Initial discussion on title. | |December |Students meet supervisors to finalise title before the end of the term | |January-February |Students produce plan and identify research material | |By February PWE. |Plan and the suitability/accessibility of the research material discussed and agreed with| | |supervisor. Students start work on draft personal project. | |By the first week of June |Students completed drafts. Comments from supervisors. | |5th Form: | | |October, week after PWE. |Students submit final version of personal project to supervisors | |November |Catch up weekends for those behind schedule | |By December |Personal projects marked and returned to students. |

Supervisors and their role
Students need to choose their supervisor as soon as possible after October PWE. This could be any teacher currently working in the Middle and Senior Schools. Staff only need to supervise a maximum of four personal projects; students may find their first choice subject teacher is fully committed, and may have to ask another staff member. Students who cannot find a supervisor should approach Mr Teal for help in finding one. The role of the supervisor is not to complete the personal project for the students, but to help the student produce the personal project themselves. Supervisors may: • Give guidance on choosing a subject and title

• Make suggestions on the plan and structure
• Help identify research material
• Comment on draft
• Help students keep to deadlines
Supervisors should not have to give more than four hours support per students across the whole period of the personal project.

Academic honesty
Academic honesty is taken very seriously in the IBDP programme. Students completing the personal...
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