Mark on the Wall

Topics: Death, Cat, Suicide Pages: 3 (1133 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Brian Rudolph
Natalie Farr
Eng. 152
Analysis Paper
October 9, 2012
Eva Is Inside Her Cat
While Eva is a beautiful women who has everything that any one women could ask for, the face, the smile, the hair, the body all of which are perfect. She does not feel thankful for her body, she believes that it is a huge burden on her. She suffered from insomnia and while she was up at night wide awake when the others were fast asleep, she dreamt of being a normal women, an ordinary women who didn’t have any kind of attraction that drew people to her. While it is perfectly normal to wish that you didn’t have a lot of attention, what I learned from this is that Eva seems to be mentally ill and eventually killed herself in what seems to be some kind of poison. While she is dead she is left to discern her time and reminisce on her life. After all, she has committed a sin, suicide. Yet, suicide has not freed her from anything but her body; the emotions of that body and the curse of beauty continue to be a problem. This is where the story takes a lot of spins and it displays a lot of anthropomorphism.

Eva had grown to accept society's definition of her selfhood. She matters only because of her good looks. While that is the truth, she wishes to rid herself of beauty and conserve it at the same time. She wrestles with that paradox, as the bugs feast on her beauty. Having through her suicide into a dimension where time does not function in a linear sense, Eva eventually figures out that she is dead. She goes into limbo, this is where she has an uncontrollable desire to savor an orange. She want an orange because she remembers a young man who she shared romance is buried under an orange tree on the family property. She wants this orange because she believes that the boys is inside this orange and she wants to meet him again While we do not know how the boy died, my only guess is that his death was dark and oblique, suggests that he did something wrong to the wrong person. I...
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