Mark of Athena

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The Mark Of Athena
The book starts in a giant floating ship. And the author of the book is Rick Riordan, Riordan was raised in San Antonio, Texas. In middle school, Bernard Evslin's The Greek Gods introduced him to Greek mythology, and Tolkien's The Fellowship of the Ring "opened up the world of fantasy" for him. Riordan also cited his eighth grade teacher, Mrs. Pabst, as a great influence. He graduated from Alamo Heights High School in 1982 and the University of Texas at Austin in 1986, where he double-majored in English and Social Studies. Riordan taught English and Social Studies in Presidio Hill School in San Francisco for eight years. He was awarded St. Mary's Hall's first Master Teacher Award in 2002. Percy Jackson

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Perseus "Percy" Jackson (nicknamed Seaweed Brain by Annabeth) is a 12- 17 year-old demigod, the son of Sally Jackson and Poseidon. Strongest demigod in both series, Percy Jackson is the main character of the Percy Jackson and the Olympian Series and the Heroes of Olympus Series. Percy is the protagonist and narrator of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. As a child of one of the "Big Three" Greek gods (Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon), Perseus Jackson (or Percy) fulfills a major prophecy of the Oracle, which foretold that the next half-blood child of the Big Three to reach the age of sixteen would have to make a decision that would mean the destruction or preservation of Olympus. As a child of Poseidon, he has hydrokinetic powers—the ability to mentally manipulate water and can breath under water]—which develop over the course of the series, culminating in the ability to create a small hurricane in "the Last Olympian" andThe Son of Neptune. Additionally, full or partial immersion in water can heal or energize him, he is immune towater pressure, and he can see and breathe underwater at any depth. Due to Poseidon's creation of horses, Percy can also communicate with equestrian animals such as Pegasiand Hippocampi. He also has an enchanted sword called Anaklusmos (Greek for "Riptide") given to him by Chiron as a gift from Poseidon (the sword was created by Zoe Nightshade, origanally as a hair pin). The sword's magic disguises it as a ballpoint pen when not in use and returns it to Percy's pocket if it becomes lost. The main plots of the five books of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series focus on a series of quests Percy participates in along with his friends. In The Lightning Thief, he seeks Zeus's stolen master thunderbolt. In The Sea of Monsters, he seeks the Golden Fleece. In The Titan's Curse, he seeks the goddess Artemis (who is missing) and Annabeth(who fell off a cliff when battling a manticore). In The Battle of the Labyrinth, he travels the Labyrinth, a large subterranean maze, in order to defend Camp Half-Blood from attackers, and in The Last Olympian, he helps the camp and Olympus fight against the Titan army. He functions largely as an unseen character in The Lost Hero—in fact, he is theeponymous hero—but returns as the protagonist in The Son of Neptune, in which he suffers from amnesia and becomes affiliated with Camp Jupiter, an analogous camp for adolescent demigods with Roman characteristics rather than Greek. During the course of the series, he and Annabeth Chase develop mutual romantic feelings and begin dating. In the Mark of Athena, he willingly falls to Tartarus with Annabeth. Percy is disliked by several of the Olympian gods. Among them are Dionysus (who dislikes all demigods on principle), Athena (who is Annabeth's mother and his father's rival),Ares (who has fought him and lost when he was an unknowing accomplice of Luke in the first book), Hera (who has interfered in his quests) and Hades (who considers him an upstart). However, there are also gods who respect him such as Artemis, Apollo, Hestia, Hermes, Aphrodite, and his father Poseidon. Zeus has mixed feelings for him. Then there are those who have little to no...
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