Mark Mcguire Motivation Evaluation

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  • Published : July 30, 2010
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Mark McGwire Motivation Evaluation
Theories of Personality PSY/230
January 16, 2010

Mark McGwire Motivation Evaluation
Mark McGwire, from the St. Louis Cardinals, recently came forward and admitted to using steroids during the time that he broke the home run record. He claims that he is sorry and that he did not use steroids to improve his performance but to regain his health after injuries. He is now back with the St. Louis Cardinals as a hitting coach and wanted to come clean with everyone before the season started. Many people believe he could have still broken the home run record even without the steroids but others think he might not have. All kinds of athletes have taken steroids, mostly to get a head in their career but Mark McGwire’s claims say otherwise but there could be many different reasons he decided to use them. Psychoanalytic View

According to Sigmund Freud there are four basic propositions within the psychoanalytic view: determinism, drive, conflict and the unconscious. Mark McGwire’s reasons for taking streroids could be broken down very easily to fit into the psychoanalytic theory. First, Mark McGwire said he took the steroids to recover from injuries that were not in his control: determinism. Secondly, Mark McGwire showed great determination to the sport of baseball and to his fans; he may have thought the use of steroids would help him further his career and bring excitement to his fans; he was also under pressure to beat a home run record: drive. Third, he must have been in great conflict with what he should and should not do but he may have felt the need to succeed for his teammates, family and fans: conflict. Finally, the worst contributing factor for Mark McGuire could have been an unconscious one; maybe he had issues from his past that he did not even realize were helping him make decisions, such as: a possible fear of failure or incompetence: unconscious. Humanistic View

It is very easy to see how Mark McGwire’s decision towards...
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