Mark Holston

Topics: Water crisis, Water resources, Drinking water Pages: 3 (901 words) Published: November 30, 2012
Where Has All The Water Gone?
Mark Holston
There were many water-related issues in South America that Holston stated in the article. “The list of concerns is long and will require higher levels of public awareness and involvement, innovative approaches to problem solving, and better use of available funds and technology to reverse trends of misuse, mismanagement, and outright neglect.” (103) One of the challenges was protecting an adequate amount of clean water for human needs and finding huge amounts to endure farming and manufacturing needed for economic growth. In Lima, Peru, the water source for human use originated from snow pack of the Andes Mountains. The scientists and urban planners, based in Peru, were observing the rising effects of global warming and how it might eventually reduce the amount of water supplied to the city of nine million people. In Brazil, environmentalists were struggling with how to maintain the expansive Pantanal wetlands. Regions were debating whether to move to a different location to ease the fast export of cash crops, such as soybeans. Some islands had to deal with the absence of fresh water daily. Sometimes, the tourists had to adjust over four hours to the total unavailability of water as the facility’s purification plant worked actively to convert sea water into fresh water. While rainwater may have served to bear certain kinds of agricultural production and natural vegetation, it regularly did not produce enough to fulfill human needs.

The problems related to water in the different countries could be similar to and different from one another. Some places, such as Caracas and the island of Contadora, relied on rain as a water source. Guadalajara, Mexico and Lima, Peru were prone to contamination from human-waste sources. Other locations needed to wait for long periods of time before they received fresh clean water. It all depended on the setting of the city and the geographic features surrounding it. If an area had...
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