Mark Antony

Topics: Roman Republic, Roman Empire, Julius Caesar Pages: 1 (344 words) Published: January 1, 2013
Line act 3 scenes 2 of William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, the character Mark Antony delivers to the Roman people a speech that employs a appeal to pathos and diction to show that Caesar was wrongfully killed, and uses metaphor in order to show how the stab wounds of Caesar spoke in pain and treason.

Mark Antony uses pathos in his speech by saying “that when the people cried, Caesar also cried.” Mark Antony uses that line to show the people of Rome that he was ambitious and wasn’t a bad ruler. Mark Antony also reminds the Roman crowd that “... They once loved Caesar.” Showing that before the honorable men killed him he wasn’t hated by the majority of the Roman people. Mark Antony also says that “they once loved Caesar as Caesar loved them.” To show that Caesar had Rome in mind and he wasn’t a power hungry person. Mark Antony also uses his diction like traitors and most unkind to show how killing Caesar wasn’t good for Rome. It also shows that Caesar wasn’t doing Rome any harm and it was out of envy that most of the men came up with the murdering of Caesar. Antony also says “was he ambitious?” to tell the crowd that Caesar is really not ambitious at all and killing him was wrong. When Mark Antony says “poor, poor dumb mouth” he is trying to get the crowd to avenge Caesar’s death. Mark Antony shows how the stab wound by Brutus was the most painful to Caesar of all because Brutus was Caesar’s best friend, and it was that betrayal that truly killed Caesar. In the end all Mark Antony wanted was to avenge the death of Caesar and to get back at Brutus for killing his best friend. The pathos and the diction come together to pry on the emotions of the crowd in order to change the mind of the people. Mark Antony’s metaphor was used to bring all of the honorable men to the spot light and show why they really killed Caesar.
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