Maritime Disaster

Topics: Sociology, Group A, Group B Pages: 1 (429 words) Published: February 27, 2011
First of all, they should choose a person who has the experience of how to lead people to be the leader of them. Every 200 people become a group; they have to choose a person to be the leader of the group. There are 20 groups totally. Every group has the same percentage of the population is under the age of twelve and the population is between twelve and seventeen years of age. The leader of every group will divide the group become 20 small groups; each small group will choose the leader of the 20 people. Now, we have the biggest group include 4000 people, group A; medium group include 200 people, group B; smallest group include 20 people, group C. The leader of group A will give the tasks to the leaders of group B. The tasks include how much food should they make for everyday or every weeks and how much houses should they build for a month. When the leader of group B received the tasks, they will give the tasks to the group C leaders. Second of all, leaders will have a meeting to make the laws of group A. The laws based on their origin county’s laws, everybody has the rights to give the suggestions for the laws. After they made the laws, people will elect for the judges. They also will choose some man to be the soldier to help the leader execute the laws. People have the rights to have an election to choose their leaders every year. At last, they should to develop the group to be stronger and have more population. The economy and the education are very important for a county. They will choose some teachers to continue the education for people who are under the age of fifteen. They will start the deals between people and taxes for government. There are five important laws that are created by the islanders: 1.People should work together help each others, if you effort nothing you will gain nothing. 2.People should obey to the leader’s decisions, before leader make the decision people have the rights to discuss about the decision, but the leader will make final...
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