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Maximizing the potentials of the Maritime Industry
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Tinig ng Marino
March 2012
Exerpt from Hon. Emmeline Y. Aglipay’s Column Worker’s Vanguard in Tinig ng Marino The Philippines has long focused on improving its main sectors agriculture, trade, and services. While a considerable amount of attention is given to these, other budding yet potentially strong industries are overlooked and neglected.     We should reassess which industries have great potentials and take advantage of opportunities to cultivate their growth. One such industry is the maritime industry. Sadly, there has been little or no concrete effort to revive it. Our competitive advantages compared to other countries have yet to be fully exploited.     As an island nation, the Philippines considers maritime activities as significant components in the achievement of socioeconomic growth and development. As it plays a huge role in the lives of the majority of Filipinos, it is of no surprise that seafaring is of interest to many.     According to the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA), 30% of the world’s seafarers are Filipinos, making the Philippines the leading country supplier of maritime manpower in the world. For many years, the Philippines has been at the forefront of the global manning industry because our seafarers remain to be one of the world’s most sought after seafarers given their proven skillfulness, hard work, and professionalism.     However, our maritime industry is still besieged by problems that hinder the Philippines from achieving its full potentials. For years, the Philippines maritime industry has been suffering from numerous problems such as sea casualties, lack of budget for proper implementation of safety standards and old and inefficient shipping vessels and infrastructure. The highlights the lack of attention given to such an important and revenue generating industry.     One aspect of the...
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