Marine Science

Topics: Academic degree, Master's degree, Marine biology Pages: 2 (604 words) Published: February 21, 2012
Career Research Paper

Marine Biologist
- Requirements-associate's level to master's level, or possibly even a Ph.D. -School’s-There is 46 Marine biology programs in the United States and there are 8 international programs. Eckerd College Is my college of choice -Brief Description- Study the origins, behavior, diseases, genetics, and life processes of animals and wildlife of the marine environment. May specialize in wildlife research and management, including the collection and analysis of biological data to determine the environmental effects of present and potential use of land and water areas. -Average Salary- Anywhere from $24,959 to $105,817 on average - My top work values that would satisfy this job are my exceptional love for any and all marine animals. My high interest in ocean life period! -Pros- 1) I would be doing something that I would love. 2) I wouldn’t be sitting in an office all day!! Cons- 1) the awful smells that comes along with studying dead animals. 2) I will be out on ships a lot of the time.

Forensic Scientist
-Requirements-A minimum of a bachelor's degree in natural science or forensic science is required for working in this field. Some labs might require a master's degree in forensic science for more advanced positions, such as lab technician leader or supervisor. A master's degree might also be useful for specialized areas such as DNA analysis or ballistics. Undergraduate programs include biochemistry, toxicology and criminal justice courses. Students are required to participate in extensive lab work and fulfill an internship. -Schools- The top three colleges I would choose from are Pennsylvania State University in University Park, Syracuse University in New York, and University of California – Davis. -Brief Description- Forensic scientist’s help investigators solve crimes by analyzing the pieces of evidence that have been gathered from a crime scene. They might work with a wide variety of evidence types, or specialize in an...
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