Marine Protection

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The effects of Marine Protected Areas on Recreational fishing, with a focus on Temperate waters.


Marine Protected Areas have been realized as a useful tool for the protection of marine eco system and biodiversity all over the world. These Marine Protected areas MPAs limit human activity in the conservation regions in order to protect biodiversity and exploited species. Hence they have a direct effect on recreational activities like fishing, bait collection, diver collection etc. The present study has used secondary data from all ready conducted researches on the subject matter and has addressed a lot of questions like the effect of MPAs on recreational activities with focus on temperate waters, the advantages and disadvantages of these MPAs on recreational activities. The Different ways that Recreation fishing can be compatible with MPAs. In this study, it is also found that there is the possibility that catch and release angling can be compatible with no take marine protected areas MPAs, provided that there is no ecological effect among species. Also, it is suggested that training of anglers, their education should be done in order to make the Catch and release angling compatible with MPAs. From the management perspective, there is a need for identification of benchmarks of success of MPAs. Also, there is a strong need to study characteristics of different species under different MPAs and regions, while formulating strategies. Public opinion and community participation are also important for the acceptability and growth of MPAs. Management of these MPAs must understand the Social Impact assessment while formulating strategies and objectives of MPAs.


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Chapter 1 Introduction5
1.1 Marine Protected Areas5
1.2 The Need for Marine protection5
1.3 Problem Statement6
Chapter 2 Theory and Methods7
2.1 Methodology7
2.2 Theory7
2.3 Application and Results:9
Chapter 3 Discussion15

Chapter 1 Introduction
1.1 Marine Protected Areas
Marine protection is the initiative of protection of wildlife and the ecosystem in Oceans and seas all over the world. These programs are aimed at limiting and restoring damages caused by human interactions to the eco system of these oceans and seas. These programs also strive to save and protect vanishing and endangered species in the Oceans of the world. Marine protection as a discipline is relatively new. Marine protectionists rely on information gathered from both scientific sources and human factors. The information from scientific sources comes from fisheries science, marine biology and oceanography. In the same way, information from human sources is gathered through marine law, economics and demand of marine resources. Marine protectionist basically combined the information gathered from both of these sources and then formulates ways to save and conserve the marine ecosystem. Marine protected areas receive a lot of attention of the general public and are an ongoing activity in many countries of the world. 1.2 The Need for Marine protection

The decline in production of fisheries all over the world have given rise to the establishment of marine conservation programs that are aimed at reducing and controlling traditional fishing volumes. These programs have lead to the creation of marine protected areas, which are defining as places where the natural resources are given more importance than surrounding waters and the activities of the general public and fishermen is limited. These measures are taken by autonomous bodies in order to achieve a variety of goals like protection of particular species...
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