Marine Protected Area

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  • Published : May 26, 2013
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Section 1:
The definition of marine protected area varies with people, and in reality, it is a term used globally to describe an area of sea especially dedicated to the protection, coupled with maintenance of biological diversity, and of natural and associated cultural resources, and managed or reserved by legal or other effective means to protect part or all of the enclosed environment. In the U.S., MPAs span a range of habitats including the open ocean, coastal areas, inter-tidal zones and estuaries; they also vary in purpose, management approaches, legal authorities, agencies, and limitation of human uses.

The MPAs are set up for conserving the marine biodiversity and protecting, associated with reducing destruction, and the reduction in distribution of marine species and habitats. While, concerning its prohibition of all fisheries activities, fishers resist it for their profits.

Therefore, with the purpose of demonstrating the benefits of marine protected area and discussing its direct impacts on fisheries management, this essay is about to state the author’s own opinion upon case studies.

This essay consist of 4 connected sections, section 1 account for the introduction, after that is the discussion on the role of marine protected areas. Before the statement of the author’s views are the reasons that some commercial and recreational fishers standing on the opposite site of those who support the no-take protected area. The references constitute the final component of this essay.

Section 2:
MPAs refer to a type of ocean management method that help ensure healthy oceans, which involves addressing the issues like decreased or damaged fish populations, and threatened or endangered species, and providing recreation and economic opportunities, coupled with sustainable marine habitats and resources for future generations. Besides, it contributes to offer marine education platform as well as marine science research base. Eventually, the fisheries...
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