Marine Personnel Management

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Emergency Drills and Training
Emergency Drills – Objectives
* Practice effective planning, execution, scheduling and recording of on-board emergency drills and musters. * Satisfy mandatory regulations of IMO, SOLAS and the vessel’s flag state. * Prepare ship staff for crisis situations.

* Train staff in the location and use of emergency equipment on board. * Provide a means for assessing individual performance and for identifying the need for further improvement and training. * Check inter-personnel communication and the effective usage and understanding of the working language during emergencies. * Drills are carried out in a safe manner in all respects. NOTE:

The time limits set out in SOLAS for ship abandonment should be considered as a secondary objective when conducting drills. ISM Code 8: EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS
* 8.1 The Company should identify potential emergency shipboard situations, and establish procedures to respond to them. * 8.2 The Company should establish programs for drills and exercises to prepare for emergency actions. * 8.3 The SMS should provide for measures ensuring that the Company's organization can respond at any time to hazards, accidents and emergency situations involving its ships. 3 Drills

3.1 Drills shall, as far as practicable, be conducted as if there were an actual emergency. 3.2 Every crew member shall participate in at least one abandon ship drill and one fire drill every month. The drills of the crew shall take place within 24 h of the ship leaving a port if more than 25% of the crew have not participated in abandon ship and fire drills on board that particular ship in the previous month. 3.3. When a ship enters service for the first time, after modification of a major character or when a new crew is engaged, these drills shall be held before sailing. The Administration may accept other arrangements that are at least equivalent for those classes of ships for which this is impracticable. 4 On-board training and instructions

4.1 On-board training in the use of the ship's life-saving appliances, including survival craft equipment, and in the use of the ship's fire-extinguishing appliances shall be given as soon as possible but not later than two weeks after a crew member joins the ship. However, if the crew member is on a regularly scheduled rotating assignment to the ship, such training shall be given not later than two weeks after the time of first joining the ship. Instructions in the use of the ship's fire-extinguishing appliances, life-saving appliances, and in survival at sea shall be given at the same interval as the drills. Individual instruction may cover different parts of the ship's life-saving and fire-extinguishing appliances, but all the ship's lifesaving and fire-extinguishing appliances shall be covered within any period of two months. 4.2 Every crew member shall be given instructions which shall include but not necessarily be limited to: .1 operation and use of the ship's inflatable liferafts;

.2 problems of hypothermia, first-aid treatment for hypothermia and other appropriate first-aid procedures; .3 special instructions necessary for use of the ship's life-saving appliances in severe weather and severe sea conditions; and 4 operation and use of fire-extinguishing appliances.

General Guidelines
* For minimum requirements refer to drill schedules. Additional flag state requirements shall be complied with. * The shipboard management (master, chief engineer, chief officer) in consultation with the safety committee shall be responsible for the planning of drills. The drills:

* Shall be planned to meet the objectives described earlier in this section. * Must be recorded as described under the section “Records, Reports & Follow Ups 8.2.9”. * Should be conducted as realistically as possible.

* Should preferably be held during daylight hours.
* Drills...
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