Marine Fishes

Topics: Fishkeeping, Aquarium, Marine aquarium Pages: 4 (615 words) Published: November 3, 2011
   Marine aquariums and saltwater fish... capturing the imagination and inspiring enthusiasts for nearly 2 centuries!    The world’s oceans are inhabited with over 14, 000 species of saltwater fish. A fascinating realm of sea creatures that are natural wonders of color, form, and display. With such an astounding diversity, learning about marine fish and keeping saltwater aquariums is an exciting adventure.   Our list of saltwater fish covers a wide array of species from marine aquarium fish to exotic species. Each fish guide offers salt water fish information starting with where they are found and their habitat, followed with fish care, behaviors, and compatibility. Fish pictures are provided with each guide to help choose a pet and aid as a fish identification guide. Log In

|Marine Aquariums - Saltwater Fish | |Saltwater Fish Guides - Fish Care and Information - Pictures of Fish | |Anemone Fish | | | |Many anemone fish enjoy a simbiotic relationship with anemones | | | |[pic] | |Anemonefish - Damsels - Damsels are very colorful, but are also very hardy and adapt easily to captivity. | |[pic] | |Clownfish - Clownfish get their name...
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