Marine: Armenian Cuisine

Topics: Armenians, Armenia, Armenian cuisine Pages: 2 (437 words) Published: December 18, 2012
Sargsyan Marine
LIC, international journalism
3rd year, 2nd group

The Armenian national cuisine
In Armenian tables you can find various dishes which irritate appetite. Armenian cuisine is full of many tasty dishes which love not only Armenians but also tourists. There are dishes for any taste. Those who love sweet Armenians offer apricot’s jam, those who love spicy food can try basturma, and sour lovers can try different types of canned vegetables. The dominating dishes of Armenian cuisine are are tolma, xorovats and kyuftah. Tolma is one of the main dishes of Armenian cuisine. Not everyone can make such a tasty tolma like Armenian women. They make the tastiest tolma and nobody can compete with them. They add special secrete spices making their tolma different. It has special way of preparing. Tolma is prepared from minced meat which is wrapped up either in grape leaves or cabbage. Part of the Armenians makes tolma with fresh leaves of grape. They send their children to the garden to collect the leaves. Others make it with banned grape lives. The leaf tolma is served with the souse preparing from matsun and garlic. Men like eating tolma with red wine. Xorovats is the favorite food of Armenian men. The main ingredient of xorovats is pork. The secondary ingredients are onion and some spices. Before preparing they add spices in the meat and leave it for some time. Armenians call this method basturma. After it they prepare xorovac in the open air on extinct fire or manghal. Xorovats mostly prepare men. They do that work with pleasure. Each Armenian man boasts that the tastiest xorovats is the one that he made. After preparing they fill the xorovats in container. Before filling they put lavash( Armenian bred) in container. Lavash sucks the taste of xorovats. It becomes damp and very tasty. They eat xorovats with that damp lavash. Another famous dish of the Armenian traditional cuisine is kyuftah. It is inseparable part of feast table. It is preparing from...
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