Marilyn and Len Exchanges

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Marilyn and Len Exchanges

Marilyn and Len Exchanges

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HR 595ON Negotiation Skills

The objective of Len’s team is that they do not want to lose their large commissions. He seems to want to assign the small accounts to Marilyn’s team and let them build the accounts up. He is trying to re-negotiate the accounts that are taken from him. Marilyn has been tasked with setting up a new team of high technology accounts. The particular accounts have already been selected and negotiated. The tone of exchange A is Defensive on her end and he challenges her team’s abilities and tries to gain sympathy. He piles on moves while she becomes defensive. Marilyn counters each of Len’s remarks but makes no headway in voicing her side of the argument. In this exchange Len’s objectives are on the way to being effectuated. But the results of the exchange seem to be making no headway and appear to be stalling with no one negotiating and meeting the other side. The tone of exchange B becomes more of an equal negotiation because she counteracts his moves with turns and moves of her own. In this exchange Marilyn’s objectives appear to be on their way to being more effectuated. Marilyn countered Len’s “concern” that her team was not ready to take on such large accounts and responsibilities by reminding him that they were all trained by him and came from his team. When he mentioned Joe was aware of and fine with his decisions on the accounts, Marilyn countered that she had also spoken with Joe and the previously decided division of accounts was what the boss wanted and she even pushed it further by saying that we can go get him “but we can probably work this out.” Len’s objectives were not being effectuated in the second exchange like they were in the first because Marilyn was catching his moves and turning them back on him. The outcome of the second exchange is probably going to end up with the original accounts that Marilyn’s team was...
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