Marilyn and Len Exchanges,

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  • Published : June 5, 2012
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Using the Marilyn and Len exchanges, analyze the following:
What are the objectives of both parties in the exchanges? The objectives of both parties in these particular exchanges are to obtain the best accounts available to their teams to maximize profit for the company and commissions for their staff. As well as, to get their points across but they are both looking out for the best interest of their groups. On one side, Marilyn would like to share accounts rather than being left with bad accounts with no potential, while Len would like to work on accounts that will generate a high commission. •How would you describe the general "tone" of the exchanges? The tone of the exchanges seems to be a bit modest and slightly hostile. In the first exchange it almost seems like Len’s tone is a little threatening and Marilyn’s tone is a bit defensive and worried in response. •Were Marilyn's objectives on the way to being effectuated in the first exchange? No, Marilyn began well but allowed Lens hostility to derail her objectives. For example, she is on a full defensive, trying to countering each of Len’s comments, but not making any headway because Len is not allowing Marilyn to make her points. If Marilyn continues this approach, she will not get her point across. Sometime, when you are defensive all the time, it will not give you the chance to get your point across, which was the case for Marilyn, since she was not being giving the proper chance to negotiate her point in being effectuated in the first exchange. •Were Len's objectives on the way to being effectuated in the first exchange? Yes, Len’s objectives are on the way to being effectuated in the first exchange because he is successfully interrupting and diverting the conversation to get his way. He diverted the headway Marilyn was making by accusing her of becoming irritated in their conversation. He also correctly interrupted her points, by trying to make seem that had the approval of higher authority when he...
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