Marijuana VS JWH-018

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Marijuana VS JWH-018

Marijuana VS JWH-018
For the past decade the world has been engulfed with the legalization of multiple forms of marijuana. Certain states have grasped the use of marijuana for medical reasons but more have grasped the use of the synthetic form of the drug. When we compare the two, we see that JWH-018 is a new found drug that has multiple side effects with long term ones that can not yet be disclosed. The question that stands is “should K-2 spice, JWH-018 be banned in the united stands?”

JWH-018 was created in 1995 by a Clemson University Professor named John W. Huffman. It was designed to react to the receptors in the brain similar to marijuana. It was first an experiment, but it has progressed drastically. In 2002 it was introduced and sold as incense. People have been smoking and ingesting the synthetic cannabis to get a high similar to marijuana. In 2008, it was found in a German pharmaceutical called “Spice”.

This designer drug has now become the new epidemic of our nation. JWH-018 has recently been the cause of death and hospitalization of young people. For example, bath salts, incense, and Robitussin, are a few common household items that are being abused in the development of this drug. Which raises the question of the legality of this drug? Reports and studies have shown that this synthetic cannabinoid has extreme side effects with a possibility of life altering long term effects. Since the chemical compound is so new the possible long term effects can not be announced.

People are starting to use JWH-018, which is also referred to as Spice, K2, or incense. I’m sure that there are many reasons as to why people are choosing this new drug. With all the research that I have done, I have found only one. It’s legal!

There are many disadvantages to the use of the JWH-018. First and foremost is the cost. JWH-018 is 4-5 times higher priced than regular marijuana. It is sold as incense at...
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