Marijuana Trafficking

Topics: Federal Bureau of Investigation, New Jersey, Organized crime Pages: 3 (1222 words) Published: November 10, 2012
Marijuana Trafficking in the United States
By: Amber McDougalle
English Comp. II
Prof. Plummer
August 27, 2012

Over the past 25 years the amount of marijuana that is seized in the United States has been rising. The rising amount of marijuana being seized is a big result of the amount of marijuana being trafficked across the United States. In future years the amount being trafficked will rise due to medical marijuana becoming legal in some states and continuing to become legal in more states. There will be future problems and a lot more marijuana seized in the United States because of this law going through that is legalizing medical marijuana. There will be many more arrests due to the sale of marijuana also.

The seize of marijuana was at its all-time high of 723,716 kilograms in 2010. Although it went down a little in 2011 it was still one of the top 5 highest years for marijuana being seized. (DEA, 2012) The amount of marijuana seized from the year 2000 to 2003 went up drastically.

The number of arrests due to marijuana also rose over the years. The more marijuana that is trafficked the more arrests were being made. (FBI, 2012) In 2004 a man was killed from being involved in a world of drugs, guns, money laundering, and murder. “The suspected killers were among nine men facing racketeering and conspiracy charges in connection with a recently smashed organized crime ring that stretched from the Dominican Republic to upper Manhattan and ran tons of marijuana into the United States through Florida while laundering millions of dollars, federal authorities announced.” On Tuesday, federal authorities charged 39-year-old Manuel Geovanny Rodriguez-Perez, the reputed ringleader, 30-year-old Miguel Cantres-Sanjurjo and his 29-year-old cousin, Felipe Cantres-Sanjurjo, in Molina's death. Each face charges of murder for hire, conspiracy to commit murder for hire, murder in aid of racketeering, murder while engaged in narcotic trafficking and murder with a...
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