Marijuana: Surgeon General of the United States and Fact Listener Needs

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  • Published : October 7, 2013
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Topic: Legalizing Marijuana

Thesis Statement: Legalizing marijuana would greatly help bring the U.S out of the recession.

Type of Speech: Fact

Listener Needs: Physiological

Strategy for Presenting Content: Problem Solution

Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience to side with the legalization of marijuana.


Attention Getter: “Two parents were arrested and put in jail for possession of marijuana. Their son was sent to child services and then put into a foster home. The police called this a successful mission.” Bill Maher.

Thesis Statement: Legalizing marijuana would greatly help bring the U.S out of the recession.

Credible Statement: On November 2, 2010 an act known as Proposition 19 lost in a vote of 54% to 46%. This act would have allowed for the legalization of marijuana in California.

Preview Body: Is it really worth it to stop the legalization of marijuana?

Transition to body

Think about how much money is being spent on jailing those found with marijuana.

America is wasting money and space by jailing those who are caught with marijuana. According to Jeffery Miron, who is an expert on the effect of legalizing drugs at Harvard University, America would save 8-9 billion dollars if marijuana was legalized.

b. According to Ford Wirt, chairman of the New River Valley Regional, Jail Authority said their jails are running out of space. Now inmates would either have to be sent to another jail or new jails may have to be built.

Transition Statement

A few decades ago, alcohol itself was illegal.

You will find that alcohol in many ways is far more dangerous than marijuana. According to Joycelyn Elders, the former surgeon general of the United States, alcohol has a greater amount long term physical affects than marijuana. These include damage to brain cells and the liver.

b. Alcohol also causes many deaths per year. According to the U.S....