Marijuana Should Be Legalized

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  • Published : June 4, 2012
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Marijuana should be legalized
David Williams
DeVry University
Professor Harris


Persuasive Essay
Drugs have always been a problem In America. Some are legal like Tylenol or Advil others are illegal like crack cocaine, and heroin. One of the oldest drugs that have been in existence is marijuana, or as some like to call “weed” or “pot”. Unlike the other drugs that have been stated Marijuana should be legalized because it’s natural, its sale will increase revenue, and legalizing it will reduce the nation’s crime rate. Like tobacco and alcohol marijuana is natural. Marijuana is a naturally grown plant just like tobacco is. It’s not some chemical that man has made like other drugs. It’s a plant that has been here for ages just like the tobacco plant. People say marijuana has a bad effect on a person, but so does alcohol and tobacco. They also say the tobacco doesn’t give a person a high, but alcohol does. Some also go to say that marijuana destroy homes because of the addiction. People get addicted to alcohol and it also can also destroy a family or a person’s life. So why is alcohol legal and not marijuana? If marijuana were legal it would reduce crime rate. Times are hard and it’s hard for people to get jobs especially when they have a criminal record. Some people like to take the easy way out and just sell drugs for a living. By it being illegal, when they get caught either the run from the cops, shoot at the cops, or surrender and get arrested. All of these are crimes, but it could be prevented if marijuana were legal. It would also reduce gang violence because gangs are always fighting for territory of spots to sell marijuana. If there were regular shops and stores selling it as a product, there really wouldn’t be any territory to fight about. Legalizing marijuana would also increase the states revenue. It would do that by creating jobs for citizens. Someone has to grow it; someone has to sell it or some store has to...
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