Marijuana Persuasive

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  • Published : March 2, 2013
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Legalizing marijuana would benefit society in many different ways but every cause has an effect. I believe the cause of legalizing this substance would reek positive effects. Though for those who reject the idea of legalizing pot it may go against their morals, belief system and well-being. Even though that majority has this view, the most logical side of the spectrum is to legalize marijuana. Legalizing marijuana, in my opinion would help benefit the way society looked at it, not just for medical reasons but regulate crime and boost the economy.

The common belief by many citizens is legalizing marijuana would be detrimental to our society. Corruption among the youth, the mind, and of the morals can be thought of as being a negative effect. Marijuana is also looked at as a “gateway drug” that leads to much more harmful drugs such as cocaine, crystal meth, or heroine.

John Walters the Director in the governments Office of National Drug Control Policy was quoted saying, "Smoked marijuana damages the brain, heart, lungs, and immune system. It impairs learning and interferes with memory, perception, and judgment…"

Marijuana has been clinically proven to be an effective medical herb. Its been proven not just for one strand of disease but for medical diagnosis’ from cancer, asthma, glaucoma, arthritis and even eating disorders. Users not only benefit from marijuana but it could positively affect the rest of one’s life.

When someone has an eating disorder you have a negative relationship with food, because of that it effects the amount of nutrients your body receives but also creates a lack of these essential nutrients. If Marijuana can be used as a means for turning this mental and physical deterioration around then it should be used. Marijuana stimulates the hunger hormone ghrelin. This hormone is secreted in the stomach and sends stimuli to the brain creating the want for food. Someone with an eating disorder would usually ignore this urge to eat...
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