Marijuana Paper

Topics: Drug addiction, Prohibition, Psychoactive drug Pages: 3 (824 words) Published: December 18, 2012
Marijuana 101 Reflection Paper

From this experience I feel like I’ve learned so little. To be absolutely honest, these sanctions were pointless and a nuisance, distracting me from more important things I could be doing. Nonetheless, the paper is really how these programs were supposed to “help” me. A few unbiased opinions I had about this program, is I suppose it can be classified as helpful to the average, simple-minded delinquent stereotype that most people in your position created this program around, but due to this fact it actually ends up being offensive and unnecessary to deter harmless Marijuana use. Yes I am a pot smoker, and just like cigarette smokers, alcohol drinkers, and prescription drug users, I understand its physical and mental risks. Fortunately, with marijuana over numerous drugs and alcohol, the benefits out weigh the risks.

The bad reputation marijuana has is caused by the negative connotations it’s been given by the popular social media. When has the popular social media ever been right and/or useful? A funny story is the prohibition of marijuana, that started in the 1970s when the “War on Drugs” was introduced. The “War on Drugs” campaigned that marijuana is supposed to be a gateway drug, it is highly addictive, and hazardous causing Cannabis to be in the same classification as heroin and cocaine. Obviously, proven by modern science, none of this is true whatsoever, but the media brainwashed the public into thinking so, to stop the rebellious counter-culture of the 1960s. From approximately 2737 B.C., marijuana was first recorded to reap medical and spiritual benefits. Even after its arrival in the New World, cannabis use expanded to the replacement of cotton fibers, and paper that fueled African slavery. Even today Marijuana can be considered more energy and costly efficient over the destructive production of paper, cotton, and other synthetic fibers. Up to about the 1920s and beyond, marijuana was glorified in the music, art, and...
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