Marijuana Improves Concentration

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  • Published : April 12, 2002
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A group of people wrote in response to a statement about marijuana use. The statement was about a young adult who uses marijuana. He/She said that when under the influence of marijuana, that he/she has and uncanny amount of concentration. He/She is able to perform home maintenance, schoolwork, and yoga stretching with an overall better performance than when he/she is sober, or not "high". In reading this selection I realized that many others, including myself, have better performance in certain activities when under the influence of marijuana, such as working out at the gym. I recently have tried going to the gym and working-out while under the influence of marijuana, and came to the conclusion that my performance was much better, in that I could lift more weight or perform more repetitions. I am in good physical shape, but I would like to know if the effects on my physical performance in the gym through the use of marijuana are unique to me, or does the general public share the same results. Researching the effects of marijuana use on certain human behaviors such as concentration may open up some doors for other medicinal and recreational uses of the drug. Hypothesis

People who work out at the gym while under the influence of marijuana will have an overall better performance. The independent variable is the use of marijuana. The dependent variable is the overall performance of working-out at the gym. The independent variable is operationally defined as smoking .5 grams of a type of marijuana known as "krypto" through a Pyrex pipe. The dependent variable is operationally defined as doing three sets of ten repetitions of specified exercises. The exercises are: flat bench press, behind the neck shoulder military press, seated dumbbell curls, dips, squats, calf raises and leg curls. In order to determine how much strength is gained, an initial strength test in each exercise will be evaluated and recorded. A potential confounding...
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