Marijuana During the 70s

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  • Published: April 17, 2011
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Marijuana during the 70’s was viewed much differently then it is today. Twenty-Seven states approve for new medical studies, and consequential turn out of those convicted of using the most commonly used drug in the world, is making the United States change their opinion on the subject. The most debatable question going on right now in this question about Marijuana is: Whether or Marijuana should be legalized based on how it effects people’s health, its resourcefulness to medicine, and the contribution to the country? This debate on Marijuana is so important because of its immense usage around the world as the number one drug. Millions of people use it regularly around the world and because of its illegality here in the United States tens of millions of people have not used it in this country. The laws behind greatly influence the legality of this drug, but now due to new evidence it being approached differently in social, scientific and economical stand point. Marijuana being used as both an everyday remedy and a medicine are being question by 27 states very thoroughly to have Marijuana approved in some way, however many of the users, who use it for medical purposes can still, and have gotten placed into prison by federal law. Records show that over 830,00 people a year have to deal with consequences with the law dealing with Marijuana and the numbers seem to be climbing more and more. One of the largest issues are that the United States spends 30 billion dollars a year in a drug war, in which half of the money goes to fighting off Marijuana since it’s the largest used drug. The success for Marijuana are being questioned, due to both the fact that the war in Iraq and improsonment are costing our country, casualties and large amounts of money. If a law were to be passed for Marijuana to be legalized in our country, it would have large effect in our economic structure and way of life. The drug Marijuana comes from the Cannabis Sativa plant. Besides producing the drung the Cannabis plant also produces hemp, which is a very useful cash crop for textile materials. Marijuana was used in the U.S until 1937 up until its usage increased due to prohibition in the 1920s and was made illegal by 47 states. What causes a “buzz” feeling to the pot users is a result of it enterting throug the bloodstream, and the THC shooting up to the brain causing the state of drowsiness, massive amounts of thinking, an increased apetite and a slower reaction. In 1965 in order to fight illicit drug abuse, President Johnson passed the drug abuse control amendment and in 1969 President Nixon became totally against drugs and crime, giving way to what would become the drug war we see in the present today. California was the first state to legalize medical Marijuana in 1996 and gave way for Marijuana to be classified as a schedule I drug in many states. The argument for Marijuana is not whether it is healthy for everyone, but how it can be used in a medicinal for to already legal substances. The creation of Marijuana is done when the female leaves and flowers of the hemp plant are dried, and THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol is what gives the Marijuana its drug intoxication. In most cases of decriminilization, with most cases of possession of the drug, it would be treated as a civil offense and a couple of hundred dollars could be the fine. Decriminilization also makes sure that the person with possession of Marijuana does any time in prison or affects their criminal record. The three major topics over the legalization of Marijuana are first, does this drug serve a medical purpose? Second, Does Marijuana have harmful components enough to keep illegal, and how does it compare to other illegal drugs? And lastly, what would be Marijuana’s effect on our country and how would legalization change that? Out of all three issues the one that is most debated about is medicinal use of Marijuana. The ones who oppose it, The American Medical Association, stated that...
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