Marijuana Debate

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  • Published : November 27, 2012
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Erica Del Vigna
Coms 2
Negative Outline
Proposition: The state of California should legalize marijuana.

I. Introduction

Thesis: Though I agree that marijuana should be put into a controlled environment, I believe it should not be legalized due to its poor health attributes, and its negative influence towards the youth and drug users. Preview: I will be explaining today why the affirmatives plan does will not work as a sufficient plan in California. I will start by refuting his claims that marijuana is not a gateway drug. I will also explain the future harm that legalizing this drug could do to the youth of our state. Finally, I will connect the link on drug users to criminals. Overall this drug does not benefit our future generations socially or for their health. According to Scripps Alcohol and Treatment Center in California, “we have yet to see a patient come through here who doesn’t attribute his addiction to having started with marijuana as a gateway drug”. II.Body

A. Ills and significance refutation
1. The affirmative claims that marijuana is not a gateway drug, which is the farthest from the truth. Most people who are in a treatment center started off by occasionally using marijuana. As I stated in my previous quote from the Scripps alcohol center, most addicts blame their addiction habits to starting with a gateway drug like marijuana or alcohol. The clinician who was interviewed stated that society realizes the real dangers of marijuana as a gateway drug. Even though in 1996, medical marijuana was passed by California voters with Proposition 215 by a 56 % passing rate; in 2010, Proposition 19 failed because California voters did not want to legalize marijuana, as stated in the Christian Science Monitor dated May 2012. 2. The affirmative argues that law enforcement should spend their days fighting something more important than drug users. I strongly disagree with this because of the evidence showing that drug users lead to harsher...