Marijuana: Beneficial and Risky

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  • Published : December 3, 2012
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Marijuana: Beneficial and Risky

Should there be a national legalization of marijuana as a prescription and clinical drug for medicinal treatment? Imagine a loved one lying in bed at a hospital and have just undergone chemotherapy for their cancer treatment. Side effects of chemotherapy have begun and that individual cannot stop from constantly vomiting. Every type of medication prescribed by the doctor has absolutely no effect in relieving the unbearable pain of nausea and headache. The news of medical marijuana as a treatment and pain reliever is nothing new. Patients in other states and countries describe marijuana as the only drug that has a treatment advantage over prescription and medicinal drugs. It may be the only option to relieve their emotional and physical pain. Unfortunately, there is no legalization of marijuana use as medical treatment in their residing state, so what is the next best option? A group of science and medical researchers led by Sunil K. Aggarwal argues that there are many proven medical benefits of marijuana, but another science journalist, Colin Lowry, disputes that marijuana has psychologically damaging effects. First of all, Dr. Sunil K. Aggarwal's arguments about the medical benefits have both supporting evidence and facts. However, he does agree with Lowry, to the point that not all cannabis substances are beneficial. He refutes that although, the substances of marijuana do have the risks of side effects, but those risks are nothing serious. In addition, the use of marijuana as medicinal treatment is the safest compared to other pharmaceutical drugs on the market. Unlike opiods, cannabinoid, medicines do not promote appetite loss, wasting, and constipation, but instead [is for] therapeutically treating these symptoms (Medicinal Cannabis 163). The side effects of marijuana are not long term, but rather temporary and diminishing. Moreover, Lowry states that the substances of marijuana do not contain any medical value, and that the effects are damaging to the brain and body. Lowry writes, "Studies of performance requiring auditory attention in people who have smoked only one marijuana cigarette show impaired performance, and this is associated with a substantial decrease in blood flow to the temporal lobe of the brain" (Lowry 16). He clarifies that psychological damage to the brain is permanent and it includes the functioning of motor neurons and an individual's concentration. Furthermore, he argues that the positive effects of marijuana use are not effective in treating symptoms of illness or pain. THC is not very effective in treating nausea, and the doses required for a modest effect are strongly hallucinogenic (Lowry 17). Thus, the THC chemical can cause hallucinations in MM patients. Furthermore, medical marijuana is a controversial issue dealing with the health concerns of patients. Like other prescription drugs, medical marijuana, has its side effects. Other prescription drugs, such as Marinol, are not as effective and may actually have side effects predominant to the side effects of consuming marijuana. Even if doctors and physicians properly exploit and prescribe the marijuana treatment, there will still be risks of serious side effects. Nevertheless, improper or long-term usage of marijuana is the cause of the most dangerous side effects. However, the chance of overdosing on marijuana is slim to none. Most importantly, there has never been an overdose death on marijuana in history, while there reportedly, are countless overdose deaths on alcohol consumption. On the contrary, marijuana is a major concern of drug trafficking around the world. The rate of illegal marijuana use is rapidly increasing because of the lack of regulation and punishment against drug users. Could the potential benefits of legalizing marijuana for medicinal use possibly outweigh the risk of encouraging drug abuse (Mack and Joy)? The benefits of decriminalizing medical marijuana (MM) are indisputable;...
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