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A Risk or Benefit|
Juan Pablo Quintero|


A Risk or a Benefit?
Who knew that a mere plant brought to the New World by the Spanish in 1545 would have caused such controversy about 450 years later? The plant’s primary purpose was a commercial crop that was grown as a source of fiber. The plant’s secondary purpose was to induce a “high” feeling when the smoke of the plant was inhaled. Due to the fact that marijuana was used as a drug, there was an initial ban on the sale of Cannabis Sativa, or marijuana, in the early 1600s. As time progressed, so did the restrictions on the use of this plant as a drug. Outright prohibitions on the plant were evident in the 1920s, the era in which the plant’s drug use started to catch on. Historians propose that its emergence was due to the fact that people did not have access to the use of the plant. Ever since such emergence, strict laws on the sale and abuse of the Cannabis Sativa plant have been implemented into American legislation. Federally, the government has the right to ban the use and distribution of marijuana, even medical. On a state level, a state can simply permit something that the federal government bans because of the tenth amendment; such is the current case with the states of Colorado and Washington. Such laws are unnecessary on both federal and state levels. Common laws against marijuana were made based on the possibility that harmful incidents may take effect, not on the actual incidents that have occurred. The fact of the matter is that legislation focuses solely on the possible harmful effects of marijuana. When such harmful threats are compared to its benefits, the beneficial factors of marijuana outweigh its perceived threats. Therefore, marijuana should be legalized in the United States.

In comparison to other drugs, marijuana is dubbed to be much safer. Marijuana is not a physically addictive drug, nor does the plant interfere with the coordination of a human. On the other hand, substances such as nicotine and alcohol exhibit effects that cause humans to become addicted or uncoordinated under the influence of the respected substance.

Nicotine is an addictive substance found commonly among drugs that require the inhalation of smoke. Drugs such as cigarettes and cigars are the leading cause of certain types of cancers. Logic would suggest that if one were to be informed of such a drug’s effects, one would just have to put the drug down in order to prevent harmful effects. The only reason that such logic cannot be carried out is the fact that the drugs that cause such detrimental effects share a common ingredient, nicotine. Nicotine produces all the good feelings that draw people back for another cigarette. This is the basic definition of its addictive potential. Once people experience the feeling to have more cigarettes, they may or may not give into the addiction. Once someone is addicted, the person may live the rest of their life with an addiction to cigarettes or the person may decide to quit such an addiction. Once someone decides to quit, he/she will experience signs of withdrawal and dependence. Overcoming a stage of withdrawal and dependence is not an effortless feat to attain. Although nicotine can set up an uncomfortable setting in a person’s life, it is still a legal substance. On the other hand, no evidence suggests that marijuana is a physically addictive drug. Marijuana is simply a psychologically addictive drug. The psychological addictiveness comes from one’s own thought that one needs the drug. The addiction that marijuana induces is not one that forces the user to depend on marijuana, nevertheless feel symptoms of withdrawal. Given the fact that marijuana is not physically addictive, there are other health concerns in relation to coordination and security.

Cannabis Sativa induces a high feeling in the consumer when he/she inhales the smoke of the plant when it is burned. Relative to...
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