Topics: Pain, Suffering, Opioid Pages: 2 (555 words) Published: May 13, 2013
Along with about seventy-three percent of Americans, I believe that marijuana should be legalized. Americans believe this for many reasons. Some of these reason will affect our economy and others will affect the way people live there life’s and there last days on earth. Marijuana not only is a pain reliever it is also a great help with stress. Legalizing marijuana will save not only money but also lives. Many people are killed each year because of drug deals and other marijuana involved violence. With marijuana legalized the government could also earn money by taxing it.

Marijuana has many medical values. Marijuana is the best muscle relaxer known to man.(Christian) It makes you more relaxed than any other drug, substance or therapy. Marijuana helps with pain relief, control of nausea and or vomiting, stress, and appetite stimulation.(National Organization For the Reform Of Marijuana Laws) Marijuana allows a person dying from an auto-immune disorders and body-decaying cancer to enjoy there last days with out pain and to be able to enjoy there favorite food and meals.(Milard) fdxfctSome one who suffers from pain is very unhappy, but when they take a few drag and get a little buzz you can see the smile reappear on their face.(Christian) Just a few drags can make you feel as if you never even had pain. If you watch some one when they are Smoking marijuana you can almost just see there body relax.(Christian)

There are three S’s of chronic pain. Those are sleepiness, sorrow, and suffering, but also suicide if nothing is done.(Christian) People turn to cutting them self to ease their pains and to relieve the stress. People hurt them self’s because they clustered, stressed, and or are depressed. If marijuana was legal those people could turn to marijuana for help. They could actually be relaxed and not stressing for ones. Marijuana can even help some one fix there problems. Since marijuana will relax you, you will be able to focus more and be able to help your...
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