Marigolds and Sowing Cahnge Essay

Topics: Africa, Woman, Symbolism Pages: 2 (654 words) Published: November 29, 2010
John Flores
Period 3

Benefits of Gardens

A garden is a beautiful creation that takes time and patience but will indulge your eyes with beautiful patterns of colors and diversity. Symbolically, gardens symbolize nature, growth, and hope. In “Sowing Change” by Donna Freedman, gardens are beneficial to the community of North Lawndale, in Chicago. In “Marigolds” by Eugenia Collier, a garden is symbolic of hope. In the heartfelt story “Marigolds”, we see how the literal meaning of a garden and hopes and dreams are connected. In the news article “Sowing Change” by Donna Freedman, we see how the whole community comes together and works arduously on building the bountiful garden. In both passages, we see how gardens can be beneficial and how they inspire people. In the story of “Sowing Change” a garden impacts a neighborhood in a constructive way. The residents of North Lawndale have a great feeling of pride on their beautiful botanical garden. For example, the executive director Leonard expressed that “when you see how it [empty lot] was being used before and how it is being used now, that’s an awesome feeling. It belongs to the community”. The making of the garden has reduced the crime rate in the local area. For instance, the Safer Foundation, which helps men from prison to make the transition to the outside world, has helped ex cons become more passive and learn how to make proper decision and learn how to function in a society. The garden was productive to the neighborhood in the way that it had health benefits. For example, members of the community would have fresh air and exercise in the form of walking while working on the garden. Also, the garden was culturally important because it promotes African heritage, due to the large African American community in the neighborhood. For example, the garden was built in the shape of the African continent and it has a shelter that represents the tribal huts in Africa. The garden is valuable to the...
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