Marienland Unethical Practises

Topics: Shaving, Dalton McGuinty, Fort Hood shooting Pages: 3 (1288 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Article 1: Petition asks province to protect zoo animals
a) Source: The Globe and Mail ( b) Date of newspaper: September 17th, 2012
c) Summary: This article is about some former employees who worked at Marineland and have filed a petition with 77,000 names bringing awareness and urging the government to take immediate action to regulate zoos. Premier Dalton McGuinty recognizes the concerns behind the petition but wants to wait until the Society for the Protection of Animals completes its investigation and makes recommendations before he takes further action. Phil Demers is a former animal trainer at Marineland who quit after 11 years because he could no longer bear to see animals not being properly cared for and housed in inappropriate settings. He goes on to further add that his heart is breaking after watching dolphins swimming with their eyes squeezed shut because their water filtration system broke down and was not repaired. d) This article is dealing with health issues as it relates to the wellbeing of the animals at Marineland. The animals at Marineland are not getting the 100 percent care they need and deserve, but rather are living in poor conditions that are causing them to severely get sick and develop health issues due to the poor quality of water at the park. This article also deals with ethics issue because Dalton McGunity is not taking the right approach to this situation and not looking out for the betterment of the animals. As well this is an ethical issue on part of Marineland because many people consider this immoral as Marineland is not taking proper care of their animals and are at risk of dying. e) This article is dealing with health care issues because the animals are not living in a compatible condition and are not getting the best care possible. The animals are suffering when they are put in poor quality water, which is damaging their...
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