Maria Woodworth-Etter Biography

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  • Published: May 14, 2006
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Born in Lisbon, Ohio in 1844, Maria grew to be one of the best known and most successful preachers in the late 18th century. Maria's ministry contained such dramatic demonstrations of the Holy Spirit that her fame wildly spread from coast to coast. The journalists of her day couldn't begin to record all the miracles in the newspaper pages they allotted for her.

At the age of 13, Maria heard the call of God to her life. She wanted to answer, but the issue of being a woman preacher was holding her back. She decided she would get an education and marry a missionary so she could preach as well. But her father died unexpectedly, and at her young age, Maria was forced to forfeit her education and instead, support her family.

Soon after the Civil War, Maria married P. H. Woodworth. Over the years, she became the mother of six children. Tragedy struck when five of the children died of disease. With only one daughter left, Maria began to analyze her life. She realized that she had failed to answer the call of God. After reading the bible, she realized that women were indeed called of God to preach. It was then that she had a vision - angels came into her room and showed her that America was in need for Jesus Christ. God spoke to her and said that just as "grain fell from wheat" so would "people fall" as she preached. At age 35, she answered "yes" to God's call.

She immediately began preaching in her local community as many wept and fell to the floor in repentance. Soon she ventured out into the hardest areas, seeing the power of God fall upon the people. This experience was often followed by a spiritual trance or vision, which one would have for hours. Sometimes she would go into a trance herself, standing for hours like a statute with her hand raised while the service continued. By 1885, Maria began holding meetings throughout the Midwest, and multitudes of people would gather from miles and miles to hear her. As many as 20 reporters would attend and file...
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