Maria Montessori

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  • Published : September 21, 2012
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1. Which are the traits of character in Dr. Montessori do you identify that contributed to her great achievements?

Dr. Maria Montessori was a keen observer of children. She used her observational and experimental proclivities from her medical background to develop, what we might today call, a Constructivist understanding of the process of learning. She studied them scientifically. If she saw some unusual behavior in a child, she would say,”I won’t believe it now, I shall if it happens again”. She studied the conditions in which the children would perform those actions.

Dr Montessori’s discovery of her method was entirely accidental , while conducting her sessions at the asylums she started observing how children learn and behave according to the environment they are subjected to .

While several aspects that have contributed to Maria Montessori’s discoveries The biggest contributor is Dr Montessori herself , She did research with systematically researched experiments and used he research findings to practical teaching .

Some traits of Character I see in Dr.Montessori are belief, developer, ideation, responsibility and positivity .Montessori’s goal to “emphasize the importance of trying to understand the child” and to “create specially prepared learning environments that were rich in activities” demonstrates her leadership strengths as a developer and in ideation. A developer sees the potential in individuals and wants to help others experience success. Maria’s work truly demonstrates her vision in trying to help children succeed in their learning. Her method of placing children of all ages together in a specially prepared environment rich with activities demonstrates her strength in ideation. Her ideas were new to the education world.

The last two leadership qualities I would like to mention in reference to Dr. Montessori are responsibility and positivity. It is stated that one of Montessori’s responsibilities is what led her to her...
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