Maria Kalman "Back to the Land"

Topics: Personal life, Want, Nutrition Pages: 4 (1388 words) Published: November 12, 2012
Flash from the Past

“If you eat too much of this food, you become sick and also fatafat and no amount of fatafat pills will help”. In Maira Kalman’s “Back to the Land” article she gives you two very different views on life, one of unhealthy habits where there is “fatafat” everywhere, meaning that we eat way too much fatty food that makes us way too fatty. The other way of life she paints for us is being connected to nature. Having natural foods that are organic and that are grown naturally and not in mass quantities that makes it lose its nutrition. With having this life style we are more connected to each other. She introduces these topics in an abnormal manner that grabs your attention and persuades you in an indirect manner. She asks questions that help involve you and make you form your own opinion, but in reality it’s a clever way to persuade you to think her way. Because you wouldn’t want to read about a story that is criticizing society, she wouldn’t want to outright say this world is sick and unhealthy and we need to go back to the old way of the world. That is why Kalman uses questions to let you ponder the topic before criticizing it. However she is also criticizing herself saying, “You wouldn’t want me to grow your food”. She is showing you that she is like you and she eats the unhealthy food and has the unhealthy habits. She is also showing you how you could change it, starting with children. She goes to an edible food garden at a school where children are taught how to grow food and cook it. This school is bringing back the enjoyment that used to be associated with home cooking and dinner time. With all the good hearted ways that Kalman shows you on how having an element of the old ways brings joy, you can’t help but side with her. In order for Kalman to grab your attention she starts out by talking about Thanksgiving, and who doesn’t like Thanksgiving. She then continues bringing up democracy and the founding fathers and if they...
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