Maria Garcia International - Company Profile

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Maria Garcia International:


Maria Garcia is an established name in the field of beauty products. Maria's childhood dream of producing her own range of top quality skincare and fragrance of the soul arrived during 1997.

As with her illustrious predecessor, Coco Chanel, Maria Garcia came from humble beginnings. She was born on Madiera and then together with her family came to South Africa as a child.

As an adult, Maria honed her skills working for other cosmetic firms. In 1993, the entrepreneurial spirit came forth and she launched a vibrant cosmetic company. She spent three years building that company into a highly successful enterprise that was later acquired by a major American cosmetic group.

In 1997, she began the voyage of making her childhood dream a reality with the launch of M.G. Labs International. All the years of research and learning Maria gained has paid dividends. In 1999, M.G. Labs International won a major award in competition against more than 2,000 of world's top cosmetic and skincare companies.

Maria's trademarks have always been uniqueness, individuality, high-energy, innovation, integrity and self-discovery. So it should come as no secret, these are the trademarks of Maria Garcia and MG Labs.


The company vision is for both ranges, in their various segments of the market to become a lifestyle. The skin care collections are top quality and project an international flair, and although they promote an exotic ideal, they remain pure, not only with their ingredients, but with the uncomplicated simple, sensual beauty regimes they offer. Maria Garcia International does not sell skin care; the company sells a lifestyle of beauty.

It is for the man and woman of today, that are not only searching for beauty, but are also looking for an emotional fix, an indulgence of the senses, a little ego expression without the stress of worrying about the cost, all the while taking into consideration “quality”.

Each range within the Maria Garcia brand celebrates a unique freedom of style and focuses on high quality in both its ingredients and packaging that captures Maria Garcia's personality, passion and drive behind the company.

The Maria Garcia Mission Statement:

To represent the most refined qualities of beauty around the world. Maria Garcia strives to be synonymous with both elegance and creativity. Our products and the cultural values that they embody, blend tradition and innovation and together kindle a dream of beauty and fantasy.

Executive Summary:

Maria Garcia and MG Labs offer the finest skincare and fragrances for men; women and children. The Skincare products are equally effective for all types of skin. The MG Labs range consists on 23 products while the Maria Garcia range currently has 16 products.

Primary distribution channels for the Maria Garcia product lines are major retailers, chains, B/C market beauty salons. Primary distribution channels for the MG Labs product lines are specialty retailers, chains, A/B market beauty salons. MG Labs is building a major presence in the travel amenity market.

A solid management team is in place including Maria Garcia. Ms. Garcia has a solid history in the cosmetic industry. In 1993, she launched a dynamic cosmetic company. She spent three years building that company into a highly successful enterprise that was later acquired by a major American cosmetic group.

The companies were formed in 2000 in Pretoria, Republic of South Africa and remain privately held. Its principle offices are in Sandton, Johannesburg, Republic of South Africa.

The Business

Maria Garcia and MG Labs’ product ranges are a series of breakthroughs in skincare research. Culminating the breakthroughs is a line of skincare products equally effective for women, men and children suitable for all types of skin.

To ensure the highest integrity and quality, the Skincare treatments, were...
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