Maria Full of Grace

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  • Published : December 1, 2011
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Maria Full of Grace
Maria Full of Grace is a movie that exposes a major crises that Columbia faces, drug trafficking and the dangerous use of humans to traffic their drugs. The movie also tells a story of a young Columbian woman desperate for a better life for herself as well as her unborn child.

The main character Maria is a 17 teen year old girl who worked removing thorns from flowers. Her boss knowing she has no other choice but to work there treats her horribly. She lived in a small house with her family, that include her mother, grandmother and unwed sister that all depend on her income. Maria one day finds out that she is pregnant, and knowing that there is no way for her or the father to support the baby she quits her job. After deciding that she wants more for herself and her child, Maria goes to the city in search of a better job. On her way there she meets someone who tells her that he could get her work as being a mule. A mule is someone who transports drugs by ingesting and many other ways. She decides to follow the as she is curious as to what being a ‘mule’ entails. The man tells her she would have to transport drugs into the New York and that he would arrange for her to get a passport and plain ticket. Feeling that this was her only escape Maria accepts the job. Maria then meets a middle aged woman who explains to her the process and tricks of being a mule. She teaches her what to say to avoid being detected. After that she teaches her how to ingest the pellets that contain heroin. The day of her flight she ingests all the pellets she gets on the plane. Once she arrives at JKF she is picked to be x-rayed and only is able to get out of being x-rayed because authorities find out she is pregnant. Once her and the older women get to the motel Maria realizes that one of the pellets has ruptured inside of the woman causing her to die. The men come to retrieve the pellets by cutting open the woman, Maria afraid for her life runs away and meets up...
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