Margot Fonteyn

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Margot Fonteyn’ Journey
Basic information about Margot Fonteyn
Margot Fonteyn was appointed Prima Ballerina Assoluta of the company by HM Queen ElizabethⅡ, and the absolutely glorious title was only given to 11 ballerinas in the world in the history. She devoted her whole dancing career into the Royal Ballet, which was only a small-scale troupe named Sander’s Wells Ballet, and now one of the best ballet trope in the world. Margot Fonteyn became a professional ballet dancer in 1935 when she was 16, and didn’t end it until her 1979 retirement; at that time she was 60 years old and had won countless awards and greatest honor for a ballerina. Her journey routine

As a worldwide famous ballerina, Margot Fonteyn toured almost every big city around the world. She started her journey when she was eight years old; and the destination was china because her father was invited to be chief engineer of British Tobacco Company in shanghai. She had been to Tianjin, Shanghai, and Hong Kong with her family. After returning to Britain, she became a student in Sander’s Wells Ballet, and it was 1933. Around one year after, she was received as a professional dancer in the troupe. And from that on, as a member of the Sander’s Wells Ballet, later on as the prima ballerina, she traveled to Poland, France, the United States and Italy. Especially the unparalleled success in the US made her a celebrity for her performances. When she came to the United States as the second time in 1953, she met her first love Dr. Roberto Arias, a Panamanian diplomat to London. This time, he asked her to marry him. After they became a couple, her life was not only narrowed in the world of ballet anymore. Instead, she liked being taken by her husband to everywhere. They together went to Brazil, where her mother’s father was born, then Cuba, the passionate place of revolution. However, the marriage didn’t stop Fonteyn’s dancing career, she later visited Japan and the Soviet Union and presented excellent performance. Only after her retirement, she settled down in panama, taking care of her maimed husband.

Three of significant travelling abroad
1. the vacation in Paris with her mother
It was not long after the Second World War ended. Although France was one of the victorious nations, Paris was a ruined city at that time. She got slightly wounded in long period of performing and practicing, and needed a vacation for adjustment. De Valois, the founder of the academy of Choreographic Art, gave the permission of her ask for leave. So Fonteyn went to Paris, where the Paris, Ballet de Opra de located, with her mother. Though she hadn’t got her highest reputation yet, ballet dancers there also gave her warm welcome and high appreciation. She even developed a special, but not harmful relationship with one of those lovely troupe members --- Roland Petit, whom De Blois spoke highly of. She thought him an all around talent of dancing, choregraphy, composing and even designing. Indeed he was a young and promising dancer who had rich imagination and limitless creativity at that time. He told the classical, modest, a little shy Fonteyn that she should leave Sander’s Wells Ballet, which he criticized “hidebound”, to a new place and dance with passionate. She didn’t agree that because she thought herself not that kind of person who will forget the root and home after some small success. Christian Dior, is one of the worlds’ top fashion houses now, but when Margot went to the Christian Dior, the founder of the fashion house, for the first time, he was still on the way to great reputation and few people knew this brand. Margot chose a very conspicuous one night for a party. Most people were pleasantly surprised. After that, Christian Dior became her private style. Margot praised Dior is novel, groundbreaking and beautiful. The Paris, Ballet de Opra de gave a new view of ballet dancing to Margot. There were dramas which were performed by only male ballet...
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