Marginalized Populations

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April 14,2010

Communication for Marginalized Populations
By: Nae Robinson
Axia College of University of Phoenix
HCA 230
Communication Skills for the Health Car Professional

In this assignment we had to pick the best scenario for the four scenario that was given. I chose scenario 1, about an elderly woman who went to see the doctor for a examination her name is Mrs. Elson. She had a 24-year old medical assistant name Rosie who has been working in primary care practice for six months. While examining Mrs. Elson she weigh her, and took her blood pressure, at the same time she notice that Mrs. Elson was hard of hearing and show signs of stress and anxiety and seem confused about her results. We had three choices to choose from to see how the assistant would handle it and I chose choice 2 which states: “ Mrs. Elson, your blood pressure is somewhat above normal--but normal can mean different numbers for different people.” “ And what does that mean for me?” Mrs. Elson asks. Rosie says, “ The doctor will have so much more information to share with you as to whether you have a problem and how to resolve it if you do.” I will be sure to document your question in the chart so he can address it with you. Accounting to the feedback for my choice, it is important that the technician keep the elderly patient in a positive mood, and diffuse extra anxiety above that which naturally occurs in a setting such as this. It is okay to share the blood pressure numbers; it is also possible to just say-- “it is a little elevated.” It is not the province of the medical technician to make personal commentary as to the reasons for this elevation. Essentially although she is a caregiver, she is not the primary caregiver, and does not have the expertise to make pronouncements or decisions for the patient.

In scenario 3, you had a 39-year old woman from Venezuela who name is Ramona. She is an...
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