Marginalized People

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  • Published : October 28, 2011
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Homosexual Lifestyle
Homosexuals are discriminated against in every aspect of their life. They lose very important necessities like benefits, their children suffer bullies, forced to pay taxes, and the idea that they should be forced to live in their own communities. This goes back to how Native Americans were forced from their own land in the novel “Dances with Wolves.” These people deserve the same rights any other American citizen receives.

Thousands of couples who are legally married in the United States are denied essential every day benefits. Social Security is denied, they lose their retirement benefits, survivor benefits, and lump-sum death benefits. This will cause many problems for the elderly. Losing their benefits will cause them not to have a stable retirement when they decide to retire. Everything they worked for all their lives will no longer be theirs, all because of a cruel stereotype. Homosexual couples are law-abiding citizens just like any other American. They deserve to be treated with the same rights. Citizen’s rights are supposed to be protected by the government; clearly the government doesn’t protect gays and lesbians.

Taxes are strongly despised by married homosexual couples. These couples are expected to pay them just like any other American citizen, but they don’t receive the same benefits from paying them. Homosexuals are paying to help build roads, schools, and many other things yet they are not receiving the same treatment as heterosexual couples. So why should they continue to pay them?

No scientist can prove that lesbian mothers or gay fathers are unfit parents. Still the world continues to discriminate against them. All over America homosexual parents are accused of neglecting their children. The worst part is that children are affected by the way their parents are treated. These children have to face ridicule from their peers, and the parents of their peers. Simply because of the way their parents choose to live their...
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