Margin Call

Topics: Subprime mortgage crisis, Stock market, Mortgage Pages: 6 (2030 words) Published: March 9, 2013
Student Name: Ahmed Othman
Professor Watnik
Management 306
Margin Call

In 2008, an economic hurricane hit the world. The origin of that hit was the United States. Many countries were affected by that hit. Including a rich spot like Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. I have experienced, while I was working at Emaar Saudi Arabia branch, that the real estate market in the gulf region was damaged as no one would invest in the market at that time, and the prices declined sharply. There were a huge number of layoffs that I witness happened to my colleagues. That was what happened in countries far away from the United States, where the situation was much worse. People did not just lost their jobs in United States, they lost their homes, savings and retirement plans as well. All these big losses started with three stages: greed, more greed, and investors panic. It was greed of the brokers and house mortgagee, houses end users, individual investors, and stock and securities traders that caused this problem. The end user wants a house that they cannot afford. The brokers and house mortgagee were only concerned to gain more money from the fee and did not check the credit history of the potential house byers carfully. Individual investors who bought houses that they could not afford only to resell these houses and gain quick money, since the demand was high and the prices kept going up. Stock and securities traders who only cared to buy and sell securities to gain money without proper calculations for risk, since all of them were profiting from that demand. Moreover, the increase of real estate demand unlashed the greed to its maximum. According to Rayan Guina founder and editor of Cash Money Life, and auther of "The 2008-2009 Financial Crisis – Causes and Effects" that financial institutions such as mortgage brokers started to give high risk loans to people, who wants to buy a property. These firms did not manage the riskiness of given such loans to people with bad credit and no way can pay the mortgage. After that, they sold these loans as a product to other institutions or individuals who were interested in this product as an investment; there was real exassive transactions for that producat. As I mentiond erler, any people found a good opportunity to make money by buying houses, using loans that they could not afford, and then resell the house for quick profit! Brokers had never stopped people buying these houses becuse they make money out of the mortgagee, and then package the mortgages to other financial institutions. Guina also explained in his article that the homeowners did not do well in selling these house for quick profit, mortgages no longer became affordable for many homeowners, and thousands of mortgages failed to pay, leaving investors and financial institutions on a hard situation. After the brokers and house mortgagee part in this crisis, comes the part of individual investors and other financial institutions, such as banks and stock and securities traders. Margin Call is a film that explains what a financial institution did to have this hurricane. In the film, Sam Rogers, Investment Floor Head (played by Kiven Spaciy) argue with John Tuld, CEO and Chairman of the Board (played by Jeremy Irons) on what the firm should do with the over leveraged Mortgage-Backed Securities (MBS). Tuld wants to liquid all the MBS and not buys any. Sam said that this action ''will kill the market''. That financial firm was actually selling no value product to others, that action made many out of business. Guina expressed that: "This caused massive losses in mortgage backed securities and many banks and investment firms began bleeding money"(Guina par 8). Guina by these words explained what Sam meant by saying "that the firm will put lots of people out of business" in the movie, when these campiness and investors could not sell any more stocks, they have to lay off some people to...
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