Margaret Thatcher "The Untold Story"

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Margaret Thatcher |
“The Untold Story” |
Alvin Ehiriodo|

Western Civilization II (Hist 102)|

Alvin Ehiriodo
January 4, 2010
Research Paper-Margaret Thatcher
Professor Richard Gibbons
Margaret Thatcher: The untold story.
Seemingly disenchanted on the future of women in politics, Margaret Thatcher was quoted as saying “I don’t think there will be a woman prime minister in my lifetime,” during a 1973 television appearance. Since the inception of the British Parliament, there have been few great women in British politics, but not many have pioneered and won the favor of powerful men, especially of equal talent vying for the same position, in politics no less. Margaret Thatcher did just that, by becoming the first female Prime Minister in The United Kingdom of Greater Britain and Northern Ireland. She became an important figure through her contributions to British politics, which had a significant impact in the development of the western world as we know it (Thatcher Documentary). Clearly a woman on the rise, Thatcher was appointed parliamentary under secretary for pensions and national insurance in 1961. When the Labor Party assumed control of the government, she became a member of what is called the Shadow Cabinet, which is a group of political leaders who would hold cabinet level posts if their party was in power. Through this channel young Margaret was able to work her way up, and make a name for her in politics, a place predominately run by men (""). Although, not with original ideas and beliefs, but through diplomacy, Thatcher, changed the thinking of England, and developed a pattern of political decisions that have changed England forever. Thatcher believed in reducing taxes vigorously, a common venture for most political leaders. She also prided the idea of restoring Britain back to its former glory, at the time when Britain used to be a mighty empire. Something very important that many people don’t know...
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