Margaret Thatcher

Topics: Leadership, Margaret Thatcher, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Pages: 11 (2999 words) Published: March 7, 2011
A report on Margaret Thatcher’s leadership style, approaches and personality attributes

Name: Noor Al Abdulla

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Module: Leadership in Context

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2.0Leadership defined3

3.0Margaret Thatcher3

4.0Leadership Theories4

4.1An illustration of four theories4

4.2Trait Theory4

4.3Trait Theory Application to Margaret Thatcher5

4.4Trait Theory limitations5

5.0 Personal Attributes5

5.1 Personal attributes and leadership6

5.2Margaret Thatcher’s personal attributes 6

5.3Traits and accomplishments6

6.0Motivation: Brief definition6

6.1 Margaret Thatcher and motivation 7

7.0 Importance of a leader’s relations7

7.1 Margaret Thatcher’s relations7

8.0 Leadership styles8

8.1 Margaret Thatcher’s leadership style8

9.0 Margaret Thatcher’s strengths and weaknesses8


11.0 Bibliography10


Leaders are people who are authentic, who have a clear sense of their own personal values and is seen by others to embody those values. They can be found in many different areas such as: entertainment, sports, business, politics etc. This report identifies and explicates some of the key theories of leadership that applies to my chosen leader ,a lady who made a big change in the political policies in Great Britain, Margaret Thatcher, which is also known as the “Iron Lady” is one of the most famous leaders and first woman to be a prime minister in Great Britain. The report also highlights some of the aspects involving her personality traits, her leadership style and her history on whether she was seen as a successful leader by the society or not.

Leadership defined

Defining and understanding leadership has been a frustrating attempt for many years provoking numerous academics to be critical of the many approaches to examining what it means to be a leader. The following quotations serve as an illustration of the abovementioned point. “Leadership has been the subject of an extraordinary amount of dogmatically stated nonsense’’ (Barnard, 2003:80). Whereas Mullins (2008:293) attempts to offer us a way forward by defining leadership as a “relationship through which one person influences the behaviour or actions of other people.” Kotter (1997:7) extending this definition argues that leadership is the process of creating a vision for others and having the power to translate it into a reality and sustain it. Yet none of these definitions offers us much insight into some of the key questions surrounding leadership. For example, Kotter refers to process, Mullins writes about influence. Kotter, among others, writes about the importance of power, yet tells us little about what the bases of that power is and how it should be used to attain effective leadership. Moreover, these definitions say little about context/situation.

Margaret Thatcher

Thatcher, Margaret Hilda Roberts Thatcher, Baroness - 1925–, British political leader. Great Britain's first woman prime minister, Thatcher served longer than any other British prime minister in the 20th cent. In office she initiated what became known as the "Thatcher Revolution," a series of social and economic changes that dismantled many aspects of Britain's postwar welfare state. (Questia,online). Margaret Thatcher is the perfect example of a very powerful woman leader who was in power for eleven years. This shows how her strong personality attributes and great leadership powers have led her to this position. Her big influence on the conviction politics, political style, economic and social policies has created a new political policy named after her last name which is called “Thatcherism”.

Leadership Theories

There are eight major leadership theories. Early leadership theories focused on what...
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