Mareketing Plan

Topics: Marketing, Strategic management, Market segmentation Pages: 10 (1498 words) Published: February 7, 2013
The situational analysis covers the following key areas:
* Current Products
* Current Target Market
* Current Distributor Network
* Current Competitors
* Financial Analysis
* External Forces
Current Products
Describe the company’s current product(s) offerings in terms of: * Product Attributes
* Describe the main product features, major benefits received by those using the product, current branding strategies, etc. * Office Supplies & Services Market
* Specialists, wider range of products
* Graphic Design
* Specialists in exactly what the market/customer want * Accessibility on the Internet
* The right package (features, needs) to meet each client * Its success helps attract customers for the office supplies market * Pricing
* Describe pricing used at all distribution levels such as pricing to final users and to distributors, incentives offered, discounts, etc. * Office Supplies & Services Market
* Economies of scale i.e. bulk discounts
* Sourcing products from low cost producers in developing countries * Graphic Design
* Price range to suit the package for each client * Distribution
* Describe how the product is made accessible to final users including channels used, major benefits received by distributors, how product is shipped, process for handling orders, etc. * Office Supplies & Services Market

* Agency for Ireland
* Sell to retail and wholesale
* Min. quantities to secure bulk discounts
* Advantage in price and product range
* Expansion of branch network
* Generous Credit terms
* More locations
* No. of agencies
* Graphic Design

* Promotion
* Describe promotional programs and strategies in terms of advertising, sales promotion, personal selling and public relations, how product is currently positioned in the market, etc. * Office Supplies & Services Market

* Word of mouth (testimonial letters)
* Sales staff Bonus scheme to motivate
* Sales discounts
* Radio & local press PR Campaign
* Awards & event timing
* Publicity
* New products & services
* Graphic Design

* Services Offered
* Describe support services provided to final users and distributors before, during and after the sale * Office Supplies & Services Market
* Negative (delay in payment, increase in number of debtors & creditors) * Graphic Design

Current Target Market(s)
* Describe the target market approach:
* What general strategy is used to reach targeted customers? Generally approaches include: * Customized or micro-marketing in relation to Graphic design * Allow customers to built their own product

* mass market (undifferentiated) – aim to sell to a large broad market * Market penetration
* Product development
* segmentation approach (differentiated) – aim to selectively target one (niche) or more markets * product market segmentation (customers with similar needs) * define product market based on:

* what – product type
* to meet – customer needs
* who – customer segments
* where – geographic region
* B2C (retail) only if known
* Demographic Age
* Income
* Marital Status
* Education
* Family Size
* Gender
* Geographic Location
* Social Status
* Occupation
* Psychographic
* Brand Preferences
* Price Sensitivity...
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