Mare's War

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Equality in Mare’s War
Any normal grandmother would visit you with open arms, chocolate chip cookies, and comment on how amazing you look. However, in Mare’s War, by Tanita Davis, Mare is not your average grandma (unless you consider normal grandmas to wear auburn wigs, stiletto heels, and padded push up bras). Therefore, Mares granddaughters, Octavia and Tali, are dreading to accompany their 80 year old grandmother on a road trip across the country. As the three travel further into their journey, they begin to build a closer relationship and understand Mare’s past. Mare’s War was written in a particular fashion to express two different point of views. One is in the past representing Mare’s perspective, while the other is given from her 15 year-old granddaughter Octavia, during the present. Ultimately, both sides represent the struggle of equality: Mare’s battle of racism in the past, and Tali’s judgemental thoughts of her sister, today.

In Mare’s War the 6888th battalion wasn’t the only battle Mare was fighting in, but also the battle of discrimination. Throughout the novel, prejudice between blacks and whites were clearly expressed during the 40’s. However, the most expressed struggle regarding equality is when Mare’s Army Corporation is stationed to another location. This new area yells out discrimination by having separate tables to eat at between blacks and whites and having separate water fountains. After vigorous training, all the black girls are lined up to get their drinks at the water fountain. Mare happens to notice the white fountain is empty. Although she knows it is wrong, Mare bravely stepped out of her line and goes straight to the white water fountain. After doing so, other black women decide, they too, would drink out of the white water fountain. This daring move made by Mare shows other black women that it is possible to express subtle ways of yearning for equality. Steps similar to this have shaped our generation today to...
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