Mardi Gras Festival

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Mardi Gras festival

Have you ever listened about a party as penitential season?. The Mardi Gras is a festival celebrated specially in New Orleans, where is celebrated after the epiphany of the ash Wednesday and culminate on the day before ash Wednesday. The Mardi Gras was created in New Orleans when it was a French colony. Nowadays this amazing celebration is the biggest in New Orleans, where the people can enjoy the party, food and wear customs and also see huge floats that pass through the city.

The customs that you should use are related with fertility. It means that the people make their customs and floats thinking about the nature. The people wear different kind of funny masks. All this with the mission of getting out at night and celebrated a big party where the people dance, drink alcohol, eat junk food and see the gorgeous floats. Nowadays the people take seriously the festival as a day to show their customs, as in some parts where the Mardi Gras is celebrated focusing on fertility, the customs are usually green and yellow whit flowers, masks with the same colors and figures.

When the festival begins the streets are closed for cars because the party will start there. Through the day the activities start, competitions, customs competitions, where the people has to choose a king, who is acclaimed when the floats pass through the city, but it is not the activity that only take place in the street. Plenty of food stacks sell huge quantities of junk food, matching with music and crowd of happy people, becomes the festival in one with the most amazing atmosphere.

The celebration was created when New Orleans was founded in 1718. The festival started with a secret celebration called in these time Mistick Krewe of comus, years after the people changes the name to Mardi Gras. The first year the celebration was banned because it motivated the people to drink alcohol, using drugs and did crazy things. The problem was they realized that they was...
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