Marco Rubio

Topics: Florida, Miami, United States Pages: 4 (1374 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Marco Rubio is now one of the freshest faced lieutenants of the conservative insurrection in Washington. On Tuesday 12-2-10 Rubio finished off Florida’s governor to become the state’s U.S. senator. Rubio’s victory over governor Charlie Crist was one to remember because it went down as one of the most dramatic political downfalls in the country. He will be the second Cuban-American senator. He is a member of the Republican Party. As a Hispanic Rubio is representing the nation’s biggest battleground state. Rubio becomes one of the top candidate’s and if not that then at least a potential contender for presidency.

Rubio was born May 28, 1971. He was born in Miami. He grew up in a working-class environment before his family and himself moved to Las Vegas in 1979. The Rubio family moved back to Miami six years later. Rubio’s parents were born in Cuba and immigrated to the United States in the late 1950’s during the Cuban Revolution. The couple were married for 61 years until, Mario, Marco Rubio’s father died of lung cancer and emphysema in September of this year. Mario died at the age of 83. Marco Rubio said this about his father “my father knew hard work and struggle from very early in his life. His mother died when he was 9 years old. The day after his mother was buried he went to work with his father and did not stop working until he was 78. Mario Rubio worked as a bartender for most of his life, but he also had many other jobs. “he was by far the most unselfish person I have ever known, always focused on others, and never on his own well being. He was especially determined to provide his children opportunities he himself never had. He was street vendor, security guard, and also crossing guard. Mario worked until he was 78 years old and retired in 2005 from his last job as a school crossing guard. Oria Rubio, the mother of Marco Rubio, also held many different types of jobs including a housekeeper, and a Kmart stock clerk. Oria is still living and she is...
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