Marching Bands Importance

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  • Published : June 12, 2011
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Always Marching
It starts in early July and ends in late June. It involves great precision and discipline. High school marching band can be a full time gig for any music student that chooses to dedicate their life to this activity. High school marching band has three different seasons that a high school music student can participate in, fall, winter, and parade.

The first marching season begins in early July and proceeds through early November. This season involves every section of the marching band. The three sections are the winds, the percussion, and the colorgaurd. After the directors figure out the theme of the show, they then get someone to arrange the music so that they can get the music to the performers. The performers usually receive the music in early July. The performers then meet for two or three hours a week to rehearse the music before band camp. Band camp begins in the second week of august. For two weeks straight, the students endure long twelve hour days in the hot sun learning music and putting that music to drill. After band camp, school begins and the students meet two or three times a week after school for about three hours to rehearse with the colorgaurd and percussion. By the end of September, the band is able to put on a seven minute field show in front of a large crowd. The first competition comes around in early October or sometimes even late September. At these competitions, the group performs for six different judges that score them based on each sections music and effect as well as the entire group’s music and effect. Once the judges tally their scores, they then rank all the groups based on their scores. There can be anywhere from eight to thirty two groups at one competition. After the competition, the band goes back to rehearsing and does this same routine over and over again. In early November, every marching band in the area or “circuit” goes to the final event which is called “championships”. After a preliminary...
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